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Plague Signs

Work in progress.


Alterative early 1900s setting where “magic” or psionic resonance (mental energy) has made taking energy out of crystals advance technology almost 300 years.

Tanks, cars, planes, floating helicopter like vehicles,  scanning devices, lasers miconization of gadgets and weapons all of this is possible.

The crystals draw out energy from each other through runes and other things in order to power whatever is needed.

A black plague has been plaguing the world for 40 years prior to the discovery of psionic resonance, up till then it was difficult to contain it in the past 20 years the joint nations of the world have advanced technology fight this threat to humanity, the public at large has only partially benefited they have vehicles and some advancements in medicine, cleaner running water and even electricity but for the most part things are still “simple” for the masses.

Setting 2

Is a base more off the real world 1940s with modified tech and equipment developed by a multinational origination backed in part by the Catholic Church to deal with the demonic like Plague, instead of a hover craft called heli, it would be more like a Blackbird of today with a mix of tech of the time and he alterative tech they have crafted from crystal/psionic resonance.

Now if this setting is used the laser device used to create a laser blade for in story 2 below need to toned down some perhaps have the device on his back power up the weapons, which needs to be added anyway.


Main character

Nickname:  Outcast, Gray death man(crappy, but makes for a fun alt nick name of G.damn man)

A outcasted parasite takes up arms against its own, joining to a nobody after its last animal body(cat) failed, when he came back from being beaten to a pulp by bar goers for daring to talk to a girl the guys were trying to hit on, he crawls back home feed the cat only to find it was dead waiting by is bowl the pain and saddens over whelmed him and he falls tot eh floor passing out if not dying from his wounds, he had a dream of suffering not his own and how like it was, from that day on he defended the weak until he was caught up in a purge trying to save a town from the plague, saving so many the army didn’t kill him on the stop, then later decided to use him to stop the advancement of the plague, he help to refine some of the tech and understanding of the organism, even if both of them are hard to follow….

Kind, depressive, a loner type that’s a magnate for people to annoy him.

Normally he is alil stronger and faster than most humans, heals quickly but has a large appetite.

Resonance mode allows him to awaken the parasite within him and gain more power and a multitude of psionic abilities.

Female 1

Katherine “Katty” Washberg

As the name replies she has the temperament of a cat and is a viscous melee fighter, do to so many fights she’s been in with the parasitical horde she’s immune to poison and mid to high levels of mind control, can go into a berserking rage that goes beyond the the bonds of normal humans.

Female 2

Name: working on it

Nickname: Mouse

A bit of a mouse she’s the tech/ability/power/rune/body/whatever expert, not much of a fighter but the weapon she uses disables targets quickly and powerfully.

Male 1

The Captain is also a preacher well ex preacher well versed in most religions as this time of great plagues priests need to be multi talented in not only faith but ability.

After having a argument with the higher ups of the church he was excommunicated, which is partly want he wanted as the stuffiness of the church was killing hm.

Male 2

No name yet again

Nickname: Hardcase

The Sergeant is a hard headed and large black male, he’s the weapons expert to complete whatever Female number 2 does not know.

He can repair and rebuild and tweak any weapon of any design, the more exotic the more he needs assistance from “mouse”.

Male 3


The playboy Sniper

Typical playboy enjoys his job and women as much as he can, his past has scared him to not only run from real relationships but hold such a grudge over the black plague he needs a outlet for the rage otherwise he would go insane, he is such a good gun user he can adapt to any non energy projectile fire arm after 2 shots, most projectile bullet based guns in 1, energy guns can take upto 3.

Story ?1

Team was set to check out where houses in downtown district went into sewers and found a nest was over run on the verge of dying,  they used jump boots to cushion jumping down into the sewers 2 at a time since the manhole was not big enough.

the main character was bringing the rear in the tunnel looking over a opening that had wide staris leading to it and the tunnel down to the chamber where the 2 females where, female 1 and 2 are in middle front checking out a door, Captain was in the middle of the large chamber by the stairs, male 2 was looking at a odd structure, then they were swarmed female by the door was taken in and implanted with a parasite, while female 2 fought off those around the door to get into the door and save female 1, while the Captain was dealing with anything target he could see and male 2 was dealing with targets above him, before the main character could react parasitical mutants grab him and a bandaged one with dark eyes filled with great and terrible knowledge comes before him telling him “You shall be the last to join us so struggle all you want it shall be in vain.”

The infected female jumps out of the door pushing the other to the ground as the Captain falls down and male 2 absorbed into his own problems, the infected female dashes across the room the hurt the main character just as she gets close enough the main character turns on his ring flame thrower(its attaches to a device on the forearm hats attached to a backpack like device on his back under his cloak) the bandaged figure steps back some and says “That’s it hare and give pain it’s the pleasure of the flesh.” She is damaged and darkened alil from it half her clothes have either melted away or have been burn away leaving red irritated skin her backpack still clings onto her somehow, her pants are mostly gone now with only  half the shirt and coat gone in the front, as she stumbles closer to him from sensory overload he gut punches her near were the parasite should be knocking them both out. Before the bandaged one can speak the main character goes into Symbiotic mode, “Yo Garland, we have missed your deliciously bad humor, it is a pity we shall not be joining in this feast.” YOU?!?! The bandaged one screamed out as the main character uses the scanning  laser device in his other hand as a dagger cutting the hands and arms of the ones behind him, before he could get it to the front the Bandaged ones knocks him to the other side of the tunnel as he and others walk to the main character ,” So it’s you it is I shall enjoy devouring you outcast kindness cannot save you now, I shall devour the body first then your true self last.”

A low sigh like humming “tisk tisk” is heard as he speaks “No kindness shall not save us, suffering, hope and pain shall. ” The Bandaged one is startled by those words as the main character starts releasing energy the vile one speaks ”Impossible only our lords shall use such power…” everything goes gray silent and un moving as time has seen to stop in the tunnels below the street, if it’s time that has truly stopped or the mind who is to say but he stands there trembling in pain, he shakes it and his hood off hood off to revel a full set of white hair almost glowing hair, he takes a heavy breath as he uses both the laser device in one hand and the laser ring by the flame ring(that’s attached to device on his arm that’s attached to device on his back) he strikes at the gnarled mutants around him it their blood and limbs react like in ultra slow motion he  then picks up his fallen comrade beside him bends down and dashes out slashing out at any gnarled mutant near him on the path to his target the Captain, he hits Garland (bandaged knight of the plague) but missing vital spots on him all the damage done to them I in ultra slow motion however Garlands large black eyes seem to move their eyes meet for a moment, he grabs the Captain and disables his weapon in one swift move tossing the captain over his shoulder on top of the injured female 1 he then leaps over to where male 2 is and slashes at the gnarled mutants and kicking one away with so much force it returns to color for a moment before being stuck in the gray air, he picks him up tossing him on his free shoulder in a blitz of speed he turns the safety on his weapon then dashes to where female 2 lays she’s been cut some but its alive her weapon is lost.

It’s funny if you should ask why “it” worries so for the items they have, he knows people need things the government was pleased when both men and their equipment made it out of obstacles in mostly working condition he knows the government dose not really care about he who holds “them” and even human lives they care more for results so results though pain and suffering is what they shall get as long as “they” remain a part of something greater then “they” shall take power from the sorrowing and enjoy what meager offerings life brings them both.

Grabbing her and tossing heron his shoulder he strains alil falling to one knee, he has syringe gun to use to keep him alive or fight longer or kill himself if he goes berserk but he cannot use it now the strain would affect the mind’s eye ability to much, he grasps for breath then dashes to the manhole cover he runs and runs, runs and slashes cutting both gnarled form and wall of the tunnel up through the tunnel slashing all the way until he stops at the man hole and slashes the wall and the manhole to make it bigger, he stands there releasing a deep breath as gray turns to color and the tunnel stars collapsing,  warped maniacal laugher can be heard from beyond the collapsing tunnel by the  manhole cover opens up and pieces of ceiling fall around the main character  as he jumps up out of it to the street where he brings out a flare gun and shots it into the air as he moves on the jump boots into a alley way and up on top of a building, he roughly sets everyone down and he falls to his knees grasping for breath as bruises start to form all over his body. The Captain  is the first to awaken staggering to his knees  he calls out to everyone not caring where he is as long as it’s not underground male 2 wakes up seeing the main character in such a state and says shit shit shit Captain look at him, oh no not Katty(Katherine) to, the Captain looks up and grabs his side arm with a somber expression as the main character gets to his knees and pulls out a  syringe gun with a red capsule loaded, he then shots his gut with it stabilizing himself neither the Captain or Male 2 seen anything like it, Katty starts to moan as the plunge sings grow worse, the main character crawls over to Katty as the Captain tries to stand to stop it he falls to his feet in pain from the rescues it seems he has busted a rib or 2, the main character starts caressing her stomach as the other female starts to moans as she wakes up and the other male just stunned at what he is seeing, the Captain walks of the pain and stands behind the main character grabbing his side in pain and says with a smiling grimace “Now is not the time to be coping a feel Corporal.” He tries to fire off a shot but a burst of pain makes him fire wildly.

Unfazed by it the main character says “We hurt Captain, They hurt as well, I must operate to remove the kin before she becomes corrupted by us.” The Captain and the male startled they have never really seen a parasitical mutant speak before, its voice rough like 2 or 3 people speaking in union. “We?” he asks, as the main character holds his hands thumb to thumb forefinger to forefinger in a diamond shape “We the kin of the plague, there is no I only us and this form we are one but we are not like them they seek to enthrall and devour in the name of torment and suffering, we live to protect and destroy for the innocent in the name of suffering, we are the kin of suffering yet we are outcasted by both the devourer and man.“  The Captain and male 2 along with female 2 that was awake to hear what was said look in horror as the main character peels back the flesh as he move his handsapart  and muscle opening up to the internal organs there it’s a black mangled worm they are both revolted and enthralled at the gore,  the main character then reaches in and pulls it out with one hand covered in blacken fingernails and throbbing black veins he then swings it away from Katty and pops it  he fleshy goo turns to dust and Katty screams out spaming by the pain, her body then slowly all plague signs vanish even her burns look more like a rash now, he places his hand back on her stomach moving them together sealing the wound with a small x as a scar, the main character then passes out completely, the Captain Stand over him ready to shot him int eh ehad again female 2says no, he Caoptain says it must be done male 2 says hell ya shoot it shoot it, a humming could be heard as the Army’s Heli-ships come into view then a shot rings and the Captain falls to his knees, as they see their not so favorite playboy sniper shot the gun from the Captain hands, as it and another one hover near the roof the sniper and med team got out, “You’d regret that Captain.” he said with a smile “The brass put his condition on a need to know basis.” He continued, consider yourself now in the know.

The Captain walks to the Heli behind the Sniper where the main charatcer has been moved to in a gurney with some fluids being dripped into him from some bottles above the others are taken into the other Heli, The Captain grabs a radio unit and yells back at the base” Send at least 5 squads here for suppression and recon we got a nest under here and I do not know how big it is.”

As the Captain is yelling out orders the main character is lost in a dream “Why have you abandoned us, we devour to live, devour to bring us torment” he replies” suffering is torment and we live off of sufferings …”a reply from the dark “But to share suffering is also fulfilling to us we cannot grow in torment without sharing it…”   he replies “ah…but… living by itself is sustaining enough living with the scorn of others…. is enthralling… “  A sigh can be heard from within his mind” ”Don’t I get a say in this?”

Yes yes we know what you want “the darkness screams in fear” “We are one yet separate that’s what you fear the most, is there not a sense of torment in your fear, we shall survive you… for having hope is suffering beyond the comprehension of despair, is it not partner.” Yes …yes …we suffer because we hope we suffer because we are kind…we suffer because we hope, despair alone is tasteless and bitter, but live amongst others…sweet……..sweet………

Story ?2

This happens before the above story

The Sniper aims his rifle at the back o the man he would call friend, trembling he asks “What are you?”

A sigh is heard from the man who always wears a cloak, he turns around and walks to him while saying “What if you were casted out of the world of the devourer and shunned in the world of the mundane Mr Sniper?” The Spiner steps back then hardens his resolve a bit and stops himself as the man in the cloak who takes the end of the rifle and places it on his head.

“And?” the Sniper asks as sweat drops down his brow, the cloaked figure looks up at the Sniper face to face with the hood of the cloak  almost all of his head his head shows, black throbbing veins, hair that’s turning from brown to gray and white and whiteish eyes of the parasitical plague show only these eyes have a blue tint to them ”I…no…We….We are lost to both worlds, one hates us but still we shall protect it, the other wishes only for torment, agony and death for not only themselves but others as well so we shall aid them into peaceful slumber.” Darken tears fall down the face of the creature in the cloak, we have nothing left but kindness of sorrow… As the Sniper looks in its eyes he can feel only sadness, pity and hope. As he finishes his thought the plague signs vanish a sigh is heard from the man in the cloak. So are you going shot or not it’s been a long day and I am tired he yawns. The Sniper confused and bewildered puts down his rifle a little, the cloak figure speaks “The brass knows of my “condition”, they have deemed it a need to know issue so not even the Captain knows, and now I’ll have to write a report to say you know, they’ll bust your balls a little and want you not to tell others but you are good at those kind of things eh MR playboy?

He laughs a bit still unnerved, the clocked figure turns around to stagger of to his room he then turns around tossing something to the Sniper he catches it and it’s the clip to his rifle, he looks puzzled at it and the figure says you still have one in the chamber though, he places the clip on his belt and checks the chamber of the rifle to find one round was still in it he looks up down the hall to see the finger entering his room waving his hand from inside the room he says “I could have taken that one too.”

The Sniper falls back against the wall and recalls his rage and loss that got him into the army and then black order, he brings a ruffled cigarette to is mouth and lights it thinking what have be doing all this time….

All writing projects (bad or not), quotes, characters, weapons, ect copyrighted by ZippyDSMlee/Lee Jarvis

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