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Revision 1.4 8/17/2008
Chronicles of the lord of power synopsis or at least what I call a synopsis LOL.

Real bio: Developed from the time I was a child with the comradely of the neighbors boy and his oft unavailable lil brother, it started out as a game much like cops and robbers but with more imaginary things to shoot at based on star wars any action/sci fi show or film, cartoon or not we could toss into the pot then maturated in my solitude as I spent near a decade apart from people of my own age after a nervous breakdown on the first day of 6th grade as friends moved away soon after so my imagination was the main thing to console me outside of my parents and their constant friendship and guide-ship until their death in 05.

————————— ———————————


” Within the light there is darkness, within darkness there is light, between them the contrast called existence is formed, for without contrast there is no beauty in life.:Older Lord of power”

“Within the darker dreams of darkness itself light spurns absolution looking for a spark of creation, for from the dark came the light and so shall it return to start anew what is what, was and what will be.

A passage in the book of Darker dreams.”

“On one side darkness devours incessantly taking everything, on the other light shines expanding infinitely giving all hope for tomorrow.: COTLOP”

As you can tell from the quotes above within this fiction everything was born from darkens and seemingly damned to return to it. Lightness is the culmination of creation, light and life .Lightness came from the darker dreams of Darkness in a time when creation did not light the sky because there was no sky to light and when time itself was unbound.

Darkness is the culmination of destruction, darkness and death, a being opposite of Lightness, both opposing halves of the same personally obfuscated by time beyond time and spaces beyond the light and beyond the dark.

In the beginning light sprang forth and a small proto universe was created before Darkness awoke from his nightmares to see the light was made real and he could not slumber in the same existences as it they fought one on one destroying all that was but for themselves, when they move existence both vertical(time line) and horizontal(parallel dimension) is shaken when they fight the disturbance returns all energy and matter back to primordial space dust floating around the giants who are fighting, time is a an energy it’s also lost in the scuffle only reset after Lightness starts it again , endless vain fighting trading blows and resting for equal periods after an infinity of time passed they came to the same conclusion raise an army of near mortal beings and have them chose the fate of existence, and since those times there has been balance to the war of creation.

War of creation period one: War of labor A.K.A birth war, first breath war, newborns war or still born wars in parts of darker existence.

This period covers from after “equal/shared attrition” bouts when Lightness and Darkness ended their one on one matches, and existence was left along long enough for peoples and races to reach for the sky, this is before the earth bore life, and before disturbances in the understood rules of the war of creation started to subvert the old ways.

In this time period(birth war) orders of nobility founded sects around five key elements of power that double as a way of life and guide to their own innate abilities.

——-5 orb start————-

Five key elements of power: simplistic variant 1, expended version 2.0 .(still being refined)

Both light and darker forces used these as points of guidance, developing cultures around them. In the past these elements held more significance and in current creation seem to have lost their old names, 5 elements bind and nurture creation, they are set in a 4 point star with one in the middle, each represents a founding element, a secondary element and to each element it is given a sign that is based from its spirit and element, the key elements are as follows;

Left Azure the element of Water, Its spirit is of kindness its sign is that of the good and the righteous, Its secondary element Ice, its sign stoicism.

It was well known to be the emblem of high nobility.

Now known merely as the orb of good.
Right Crimson burns with the element of Flame the spirit of Passion, Its sign is of selfishness that leads to greed and villainy, Its secondary element Earth(metal) its sign is stubbornness.

It was well known to be the emblem of thieves and passionate warriors.

Now known merely as the orb of Evil.

Neutral emerald set in the center, Its element is Wind its spirit is nature (patience) its sign is intelligence and knowledge, Its secondary element is Nature itself its sign is nurturing,

It was strangely known to be the emblem of book keepers, scientists and not so strangely for those that sought peace, knowledge, wisdom and freedom in nature.

Now known merely as the orb of Neutrality or Nature.


High creation set above all , its element light its spirit knowledge with the wisdom to watch and guide over all, Its secondary element life its sign wisdom that shines truth.

It was well known to be the emblem of the pious, keepers of tradition and faith.

Now known merely as the orb of Creation or Light.
Lower Enmity set below begging all to the void, darkness is its element despair its spirit, Its secondary element is death its sign sorrow.

It was well known to be the emblem of keepers of the dead and those that worked with death and its remains.

Now known merely as the orb of  Darkness.
——-5 orb end————-

————————— ———————————

Existence: The expanse of all of creation both dark and light within the bounds and binding rules of vertical time, and to the horizontal line of dimensions that span out along side it.
The Universe: “The Universe” as it’s called in Light Forces is the core worlds or space of Light Force home worlds.
Not to be confused with the ambiguous term universe that defines existence on the scale of multi galaxy’s in one dimension.
Orbs of power: Ancient spiritual symbols in the old noble days of the war of Creation, in current time they are an antiquated term and rarely used, the lord of power using them as a focal point as he tries to compensate for his lack of control over his powers, used mostly as a backup power management system.
Light forces: Bureaucratically laden and highly organized forces of Creation.
Dark Forces: A lose collective of races and begins beyond the reach of creation, oft chaotic looking they hold to a different set of loyalties and needs than the rest of Creation.

Light forces: Bureaucratically laden and highly organized army and governship of all of Creation, Light Force lets most races chose their form of “government” and then mandates from the top down IE they will influence indirectly lesser races as they see fit for the betterment of Creation, joining light forces is either an arduous task involving one dying at least once in the name of the light or as a tradition from the time of the birth war one can be seen as a being of such merit you are given an honorable title and rank.
LF is highly ordered to the point it’s a sea of red tape and the closer you get to the top the more gooey and immutable it gets, there are multiple duty’s and rules to follow for all members of LF, sometimes it’s a wonder if anything ever gets done.
LF Constitutes about 20% of existence, and manages another 40% by either minor alliances, treaties, unseen influences or just by patrolling it.

Dark Forces: A lose collective of races and begins beyond the reach of creation, one dose not claim a rank easily as lairs tend to be “eaten” by the ranks if they cannot instill leadership, command or fear in them, while chaotic looking from the outside the system is rather simple the oracles perceive Darkness’s commands and relay them to the Generals, the Generals act like Congress or parliament from time to time to discuss the needs of Dark forces as a whole, from there they lead forces into conflict or relay their commands to their commanders in the field and the Dark general does not wish to get his hands dirty in a minor to him conflict, Dark Generals lead millions to their glory on the whims of Darkness.
DF is an abstract form of order, without Darkness extruding his will upon his forces they would implode on themselves, while there is an order and rank in DF rage and instinct if not sorrow and desirer play key roles in its ebb and flow.
DF Constitutes about 20% of existence, and lurks around in another 60% of existence seemingly corrupting equal portions as to what LF purges or saves.

Note: While LF uses higher life forms to battle the dark DF uses anything from virus to nightmares to plagues or recessive genes to drive those in Creation to despair to the point they have a epiphany and see everything as lost but the will of Darkness.

Non aligned: Non aligned races have little to no contact with either DF or LF, both try and influence, protect, or destroy them, if you are lucky you are ignored completely.
Chaotic: Live for one reason, to spread repetitive war, conflict and sorrow though out all of existence as such these beings have been labeled a threat to both Light and Dark Forces

————————— ———————————

Human is as human dose, no matter the time frame or parallel reality, I’ll expand on the human civilizations once I have a better grasp of them.
Human kin
Alterative gene groupings of human like humanoids from elf, dwarf and animal half breeds and many other humanlike races that hold various genes that evolved from Creations various starts and stops though out multiple levels of existence, the Cattylenoians are a mix of human kin races as well as human as they take in genes from all parts of creation and mix it in with there own.

Developed races
The Cattylenoians(needs respelling) were once a great Amazonian warrior race that lived on the rim of a now ruined galaxy , with a 75% female populace they began heavy gene modification to not long after they made it to the stars to create super soldiers, warriors capable of fighting in space and hostile environments unprotected for hours at a time to make up for the lack in a steady birth rate. After a long lull in the constant battle from the great insectian enemy they lusted for more conquest and sought to conquer the inner systems that they once protected and were given tributes for that protection, when the enemy came once more in greater numbers than before they were decimated,  a priestess and head engineer managed to run off with some mix gene new bourns who were more dolce and stronger than any Cattylenoian before them they were the great hope of the priest guild to restore discipline and order to the warriors oft chaotic heart, with them and the organic core for the great computer known as m.o.t.h.e.r (Molecular Organic Telepathic matrix Hippocratic Engendering Ruler)  2, they escaped as the planet fell and started from scratch far away.
Currently they act as protectors for hire by mostly lesser races, and fight in Olympian style highly organized and rule laden wars, each Cattylenoian is a mix of multiple genes from all the races they knew and know, currently they are a near pure female race that are born from birth pods at the age of 10 and trained in massive academies until their early to mid teens then they pick a sect in their cast system to join, lust in a sexual sense has been mitigated by time and genetics, pairs prefer talking, dueling and merely being around each other, with m.o.t.h.e.r 2 and the priestess guild managing  genetic diversity and population and birth control those that wish to register may acquire a birthing pod to have a child, only half of parings bother gene mixing and even less than that raise a child personally but there is a respect and honor in parenthood they cannot ignore, this was one of things the priestess set into the new communal government and laying the foundation for pairing, the communal function of m.o.t.h.e.r 2 who has a low level telepathic connection to all Cattylenoians is for communal governmental functions more than genetic population control as it was for m.o.t.h.e.r 1, m.o.t.h.e.r 2 with the aid of the priestess cast and leaders of the other casts manages government, when they need to do something as a whole or in part it’s easy to know what the sisterhood wants to do via the small telepathic connection they all share.

Zii’irithi and Xai’irthi

Both are ancient insectiod race and have gone though a few stages of evolution since the birth war, they are an advanced insectiain race with highly advanced bio technology to compensate for the jumps in evolution over eons, at one time they were a large space fairing ant or bee like race with no single queen not able to expand from their cluster of worlds due to barbaric infighting, during the birth war their evolution split into 2 factions over time forgetting that they come from the same hive of worlds.

The Great War divided them into 2 ambiguously male and female humanoid races.
The Zii’irithi are ambiguously female and shed their outer exoskeleton and gained higher powers of telepathy and energy control they recycle all waste products from physicoconnective fluids to hard shells from eggs and pupas that develop into oft human like humanoid form, they wear armored clothing (skirts to pants to shirts and midrifts,ect,ect) with helmets to protect them from negative mental energies, they have individuals but are mostly communal sharing both empathy and telepathy throughout their race as whole but being ever so slightly individualistic a cast system developed under the absolute rule of the queens will shared by all queens, their warriors wear full body armor and rarely leave it even not leavening their larger combat armor and fighter class vessels, the queen is chosen from those chosen as queen seekers handmaidens to the queen, the true queen died long ago but her will lives on spurning on nu queens to create their own egg laying armor that they will bound to for life.
The Zii’irithi do not require food, they will naw on rock and other things to farm out the bacteria and microbes with their hair like teeth to help in the production of their internal milk that can be shared though their inverted nipples that are the lump like things on their chest, this milk is nutritious and a super healing compound that works on most beings thus only needing a few drops a day to live, the hard matter(rock, dirt, ect) is passed down to their internal psionic powered fusion like core organ that not only gives them their powerful psionic abilities ranging from all kinesis(ptro,eletro,hydro,tele) to empathy and telepathy but can turn all but the hardest densest matter to energy and gives them the ability to alter matter in small  amounts without the aid of their bio technology.
The Xai’irthi are ambiguously male, warped and gnarled bi and quad pedal humanoid insects, they live to feed and evolve, unlike most races they have lil technology they molt and change themselves on the fly to evolve as needed if given the proper nourishment and time, they simply nest in anything and grow propulsion or environments that make them breed more quickly. They have lil social structure and will cannibalize their own to remove the weak and make themselves stronger but they are always focused on non Xai’irthi flesh and swam gluttonously upon it sometimes a individual will pop out from the Xai’irthi ranks stronger than even their warriors they are called Warrior Kings and lead the Xai’irthi when they cannot conquer something easily, Xai’irthi are born from egg like growths that grow from their waste fluids the more  fluids the more likely one will be born, within the fluid embryos fight and eat each other until  they gain a shell then they molt and grow into a egg then are born adults, sometimes a warrior will be born stronger than a handful of Zii’irithi warriors, but the smaller the pool the less likely a Xai’irthi will be created.
Like the Zii’irithi they have powerful psionic abilities manifesting into energy blades and crushing fields but they prefer tooth and claw and hunt their prey with their empathic abilities getting drunk off the fear and hatered.
Book and time line.
“Book” and condensed time line(still in development)
What I call a book is a light novel of around 200 pages
Book 1 handles the trail to become a warrior of creation, basic terminologies and the general start of the main character in a fantasy setting.
Book 2 covers his indoctrination into light forces and the war of creation and more standard terminologies  that will follow him throughout the series, complications arise in his training and he goes awol this is where book 3 may or may not start.
Book 3 crashed on a rocky planet of shipwrecks and sand, he goes slightly mad working on the ship and creates Sandy the AI which soon becomes a older sister like figure to him assisting him and keeping him out of the mental gutter, 2 other story sets follow this sandy taking the ship for further repairs and upgrades after it getting space worthy on a quest to find out where the main character disappeared to, and the main character finding himself in a amnesic haze somewhere some when on a dessert planet that has human like on it in a technologically advanced “rustic” setting.
Book 4 covers him knee deep in a mission, Light Forces has sent him to aid freedom fighters in another fantasy world.
This current timeline is mostly finished; I still have enough left for 2-4 more books.

Book 1 to book 2 ,  book  2 is still only halfblooded out.

In the beginning he is sent to a world with a fantasy theme to assist it in its fight against darkness, he landed poorly and became a slight amnesic learning the ropes of the world and  his own innate abilities, by the end of book 1 he grows a little, entering into Book 2 he is taken in by Light forces after he survives the trails of the warrior of creation and is introduced to the “Universe” and the history of the war of creation after which his training begins to hone his skills between training under the fun loving and witty Dol who’s also known as the Dragon of Light and training under normal Light Forces he slowly rebels against the bureaucracy of Light Forces and goes Awol ending up stranded on a planet of shipwwrecks, sand and rock  there he creates Sandy the AI when he came to his wits end trying to repair the downed ship.


Conflicts with authority, self esteem issues and trying to find himself in a constantly changing surroundings, “Life is hell for the both the rabbit and the tree, but the tree remains mostly unchanged by it while the rabbit fears the fangs of the unknow.” DOL: Dragon of Light.

Main cast:

Book 1 is still in development but The Lord of power before he came to that name is merely referred to as Emissary or Stranger, besides the main character there are three main characters of the book Alucia a teenage red haired firebrand and Lesser Nobel against her parents whishes she joins the guild of Light is a competent if not hot to handle spear dancer on her way to becoming a full officer, her older cousins name is Persious Laurence  who cannot handle her well at all is the son of a High Noble he is a tall blonde stoic male a prestigious Captain in the guild of light  he prefers to work out in the boonies far away from the lime light of nobility training new recruits and helping the effort against darkness in the flied not from a office like most nobles, while stern and calm he is kind and cares about the peasantry and their blight, he has not dated much despite his father’s wishes for him to take a bride but he is more interested in his job than women although he is starting to see how to enjoy himself around them through what his Lieutenant dose, his Lieutenant Drake Evermore is medium height red haired fun loving and passionate warrior, a Low Borne who caught the eye of a Greater Sprit of Fire when he was defending a forest outpost against the forces of darkness, being one of few to do so and low of birth he is well known amongst the peasantry even if he is shy around them, around nobles however he seems annoyed trying his best not to disgrace his Captains name getting in trouble, in order to gain power from the pact with the sprit he summoned he has taken a vow of chastity, he wishes to gain power to protect those around him, to relax he blows his paycheck on booze and gambling, and talks a good talk around all females but Alucia who manages to both out drink and fight him.  Book 2 will introduce new characters and the main character in his new situation.


Sandy the AI

After being created to help fix a crashed ship she soon amuses herself in building herself a body she choices a 6 foot tall blonde android form, she revels in her beauty and the enjoyment of being “alive” she’s fun loving with stern streaks and just tries to enjoy herself wherever she may go a contrast to the wavering states of self annoyance and depression the Lord of Power finds himself in, despite the opposite personalities the Lord of power treats her as a sister and she tries her best to aid and kick the Lord of power up whenever he falls down never afraid to bring out the iron pan to knock him upside the head when he needs it.

She tends to follow him in a energy orb form as she can multi task and can maintain the ship and travel with him on his adventures at once.

When Sandy comes into the picture around book 2 or 3 she will be a near constant character in the series, as with DOL the Dragon of Light showing up from time to time, besides those 2 Lightness and Darkness will be shown as faded figures playing their game of chess with all of existence hanging in the balance.


Other characters of note

Zherais the Dark Lord of Power A.K.A Son of Darkness

The bane of the Lord of Power when he shows up in the middle of the series up to the end, A tall muscular blonde male, he complies the Power Lords suffering and is amused with toying with him and all life forms.

Dragons of Light and Darkness

DOL is a being that’s the culmination of Lightness wit and humor he is normally seen as a perverted old man with reptilian features wearing a cloak he has the rank of General in Light Forces, his true form is a ship sized white Dragon, Dark Dragon is Darkness “pet” and has the personality of a wet cat… with rabies or so DOL says, “It” is the culmination of Darkness rage and hatred, it is the size of a small planetoid and is known to nap for millions of years between breserking or finding another place to nap.


Edward and Sara the AI’s, Lieutenant’s to Sandy when the drone programs on the ship evolve to sentient AIs they become leaders of the AIs remaining on the ship after the AI conflict wars which starts around book 5.

Sara the resistance fighter

A Fighter he fought with on one of his missions between book 3 and book 5, she joined Light Forces after events unfolded that sent the Lord of Power into a depressive stupor, Sara the AI looks exactly like her, even though the Lord of Power had nothing to do with her creation.

————————— ———————————
Main character:

Starts out as a happy go lucky amnesiac, alil shy alil silly but after time he is driven to solitude by the pain he has suffered in life. He just prefers to be alone but despite his personal suffering and self discontentment he is drawn to assist people by his unwavering kindness and the solace its use brings him even if such enjoyment is bitter sweet and fleeting at best. “To play the fool is to be the fool so one can forget you are a fool.” is what he would say if you can ever get close enough to have a meaningful conversation, while he is fully organic most drugs and diseases are infective so hiding in a bottle is not an option but he can molder in a depressive state and appear to be sick, drugged or worse….


The Lord of Power basis his  name or call sign on the old term “Power Lord”  not long after he entered Light Forces and discovered some of the history of Creation, in fact it was a name he had lil choice in choosing, The Power Lords were a sub sect of the noble sects that once ruled during the Birth war, those who went through the trials and manifested powers of reality warping or mimicry of powers and abilities though abstract reality warping were called Power Lord, their sect out of all were a arrogant and contrived lot that kept to themselves always trying to master their powers that eventually wrought their end through unstable mental states that pushed their power out of control and simply unmade them.


Because his powers are reality warping in nature a rare skill even in all of creation he was never really trusted or respected at first, and even after proving himself down the line there is an annoyed under current from most of Light Forces for him which he shares 5 fold with the snobbish officers and brass.

————————— ——————————–
(New part)
The Ship and general technology

Still developing the general tech of LF and DF, each will have a their own themes running throughout their ships architecture, terminology and technology for instance LF uses Protanium a metal that vibrates a force from it from the absorption of energy, while DF will have skin of darkness a biomass like armor or Dark matter shell/armor.
Currently you have from smallest to largest ship classification

Combat armor: humanoid shaped fighters.
Fighter, Super Fighter, Star Fighter: Fighter classes
Frigate , Super Frigate, Star Frigate: Merchant trade vessels.
Gunship, Battleship, Cruiser: Large but basic offensive vessels, holding a few fighters vessels.
Destroyer, Super Destroyer, Star Destroyer: Main warships holding dozens to hundreds of fighter vessels and hundreds of crew.
Carrier ,Star Carrier: Able to carry 2-4 destroyers and hundreds if not thousands of fighters, with enough crew members on a full load to populate a world.
Flagship “name” “rank”: Named Carrier class vessels that can sometimes be 5X larger than a Star carrier, these planetoid sized ships are used to move massive amounts of crew and vessel to secure or destroy objectives.

A flagship is identified by Alliance, Name and Rank of class 1-6.
Example: LF Intrepid class 2 Flagship (Star carrier class), DF De’mona class 4 (4X the size of a normal carrier)
The Lord of Powers Ship is a refitted and upgraded LF Destroyer that was merged with another destroyer putting it in the Star destroyer class of space ships, when it’s working like it should its one of the most powerful Sub flagship class vessels in existence, like it’s owner is plagued with issues and is constant upgrade or repair, Sandy spends most her time “redecorating” the ship, it has interdimensional travel capabilities and space warping abilities IE the inside can be bigger than the outside allowing for some size tricks both inside and out like hiding 2 Destroyer class drone ships within it but yet only being 30% bigger than one of them, the interdimensional capabilities of the ship is fickle at best sometimes for sections of the ship have gone missing now and then and even a section of the ship that was unknown to them have been found, but through it all the Frankenstein like ship holds together and is a stationary home for the Lord of Power in his travels though creation.

All writing projects (bad or not), quotes, characters, weapons, ect copyrighted by ZippyDSMlee/Lee Jarvis.

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