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Cigital disobedience

In these times were are digital and freedom of expression rights are being damaged ot threatened daily I bring to you an ideal of a new world a new way.

From sharing and blogging  to commentary  and criticism these are out fundamental rights as people of the world. Regions, profit schemes and the assault the right to everyone to access inspirational, educational and informative MEDIA are all laid bare and done away with.

It is your right to share and enjoy media with one caveat that only the copyright owners may make or generate any money from the trade, view or sale of media. Media is wealth it brings us inspiration to face the day and make it to tomorrow, media is news and information, media is educational no matter how inane or poorly made there are things to learn from all media.

/Sickening luff luff hippie mode off

Seriously people we need to step up and start fighting the system before our rights are trademarked and made beholandat to copyright. I have nothing against those who are making money from copyright but between the abuse from both sides and belligerence its simple follow the money if it not trying to make an illicit profit if it’s not temping to pay for itself via illicit gains. IE it cannot make money to share or index copyrighted files if it does not have a license(or is exempted on strict and harsh educational and informational grounds, which have the oversight of the court IE use the courts to deal with large sharing sites and leave the general public mostly alone).

So everyone get with cigital disobedience and break the chains the copyright owners are trying to place upon us!

(may or may not turn this into a I have a dream parody but god I am such a hack….)


  1. seriously dude, learn proper grammar.

    • I would have to stop thinking/breathing first as so more oxygen goes to my brain LOL. That or find a cheap editor =><=

  2. Cheap editor here :) lol I “think” i understand what you are saying.

    • Even if I had a regular editor translating zippy speak is still a tough job. :P

      It comes down to at the end of the day the only thing that should be restricted is monetary flow, you weed out the ones “trying” to make money and leave the others alone.And then you manage to protect everyone not just the government and its fuck buddies(media conglomerates).

    • John Wilson/XBOX Gamertag: blowinSMOKE85
    • Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:44 am
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    I am providing this comment before I have read anyone else’s comments. So, in translation, I really don’t know what has been said; therefore you guys or girls may not agree with what I am about to say. First things first: ZIPPYDSMLEE, You need to work on you’re spelling and grammar before you go and make such a big statement. I have a dream… Ha! Anyway I’m not here to criticize, but I totally disagree with you. Trademarking and copywriting have been around for a very long time now and it is not only for profit for the big dogs out in the world. These laws are put in place for everyone. That including you zippy.

    • John Wilson/XBOX Gamertag: blowinSMOKE85
    • Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:51 am
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    I accidentally hit the publish button. I didn’t get to finish my comment. If these laws were not put in place then peoples ideas would be at stake. These laws are a good thing; they are protecting peoples ideas, products and investments! Don’t think it’s some kind of conspiracy to control everyone. It is only to control other people from taking what is rightfully yours/theirs. Sounds to me like you are just trying to sound important. You need to find another subject or you could stick with the one you are on now; and rewrite the constitution while you are at it! Stupid people… Sounds to me you are looking for anarchy… just run around amuck and do what you please

    • Its just me, this idiot here and a random editor I can sucker in to translate my gibberish LOL

      Anarchy/Survival of the fittest(which is almost tribal in nature) like Communism works on paper but dose not work so well on the large scale, I feel copy right works in the same way IE the more limited in options and numerous the laws the more corrupt and inadequate it becomes(like the US in genreal)

      The more laws we have the less free we are, not all laws are made for the people most are made for special interest and copy right was founded on the ideal to limit monotony flow to those who owned the copy right which has grown by the day into people who do not create IP. The need for more stem copy right rules has passed, now with the internet its to easy to deny the individual their freedom which is more important than makeing sure every cent an IP makes goes to the owner. Now with that said am I for copy right anarchy…. not so much

      I’d rather insure the public can not be hounded on free distribution/consumption while ensuring any profit based venture is regulated,taxed and forced into the system. To do that you need to focus on distribution, is the file being distributed for any monetary gain if so it must conform to the tighter rules of the road.


      Free distribution
      Dose not make monetary gains of any kind for hosting the site or files, this includes ad rev,donations and illicit direct sale, selling items based on the site or another IP to fund the site,hosting or file distribution is also banned.

      Free distribution under a monetary gaining banner(youtube)
      If it dose not fall under the above it can opt to send ad rev based on page views to the IP owner or IP middle man(MPAA,RIAA,ect) in order to distribute the file legally, the IP owner can not refuse this however the distributor will be held accountable for financial accounting and must submit financial and page view data to the IP owner upon request.

      This dose a few things 1 ensures that free distribution is done for free and is limited by it.2 bandwidth is not free thus the bigger a site gets the more likely it will have to close.3 File locker sites that are based on public distribution(you upload something and its for all to get) will have to conform to this or simply kill any and all files that are copy righted and not made for such distribution methods.4 Torrent,linking and hosting sites are SOL either you do not gain anything for it or you do not do it unless you the pay the IP owner(s) page views off every ad on the site.

      I feel this is a better way to do things than scoff at it and say the current rules in place are somehow untouchable or good enough.

  3. I’ve made some parody Youtube videos, and they were blocked due to copyright. i did a dispute because I have a right to make those with fair use, but they infringe on my fair use rights!

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