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Word press wants money to stream mp4 videos from other sites….. fuck that I will use blogger…..



Working on a new site going to make pages here to handle the comments for the videos.



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Give me bbwwaiinnsssssss…*shuffle shuffle*
Or money, money will do :P

I am around 8000.00 in debt and its eating me away I need to start saving money for school and to the move in the next 2ish years.

Its starting to hit me and mess with my already fired nerves ><

Anyway go and donate here http://fnd
or or send me a note and I will give you my paypal email address.

I can build and repair computers, fix PS2,PSP,PS3,Xbox,PSXs,360s and such , I work cheap as long as the parts shipping is paid for and I can make a buck or 2 I am happy with that.

Such as it is I can offer my services as a writer in an alternative sense, taking persons, mechanics, places,themes,settings ect and putting my own spin to them giving you a few options of your stuff you might not have thought up. Its kinda of a mash up. Anyway trying to find other ways of making money but god I fail at it ;_;

Got Boxer all purdied up.

Taking requests!

Don’t forget to donate!!!!!

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I am getting tired of of mindless vote pandering jack asses, so with no further adue I present to you the start of this photo shop series.

No politician left undead : Featuring

Senator Charles E. Schumer

Walks the lands once again seeking brains due to ……

Democratic Senators Add Gun Control to Cybersecurity Bill

I kinda liked how it turned out even if it sucks LOL

Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm   Deviantart :Zippydsm  

Deviantart :Zippydsm  

Copyright library

So while musing on IP I thought of this idea again.

The IP or Copy right(which shall be referred to as IP/CP from now on) library records who owns what during the creation and life of a IP/CP.

Take the patent (and or trade mark) office and basically add copy right record keeping to it(yes yes I know wait for fees and fines below before you blow up). It’s run by a committee board that first and for most must uphold fair use.
You have 2 separate types of IP/CP Mechanism (patent) and Media (copy right), Mechanism covers thing’s you can interact with be it a device or part of a device ,code or part of code or a non-obvious multi layered process that does not fit better under Media. Note in order to file under Mechanism you need to submit proof of concept and a functioning implementation of the item you wish to file for.

Media covers what’s commonly known as copyright such as sheet music, lyrics, persons, places things ,ect IE specific thing’s within video, audio or writing IP/CP items.

Trademarks are pretty much handled as is.


IP/CP disputes go to the committee and they pass judgment on the issue which becomes a recommendation that the courts must try and uphold unless there is a fair use argument to be made.


To pay for this beast its 2 fold, its 10K per IP/CP for business’s that make more than 350K a year, if its not recorded in the IP/CP library it cannot be reasonably protected by law. This is followed by a 1-3% tax on the sale of all IP/CP items(more or less a 1-3% tax on everything).

All IP/CP enrollment under the 350K a year mark is free (note: all business and or persons connected to a IP/CP are added up, you can’t dupe the system by making multiple business’s for different IPs it all must be under one ownership, unless you have multiple owners of a IP/CP of which ownership percentage is decided on and made legally binding before the item is filed).

Owners of course have the right to sub out the IP/CP via profit right licenses that time and go back to the IP/CP owner under certain circumstances.


For business of over 350K its 1 million per IP/CP item per offense, this includes knowingly violating fair use.
For everyone else its 30% of revenue generated from the violating item(s).
While not complete the ideal is kinda sound I think.

Politics finance reform

1. Only individual/human may donate money, no caps.

2.No SS number or driver ID number you cannot donate.

3.All donated money is taxed 30%.

4.Campains that have a war chest of less than 50% of the top 2 campaigns, do not have to pay the tax and are eligible for a yearly payment of 10% of the collected campaign donation tax.
Anything left after election goes into social security.

thats all I got right now LOL

Zippy Fanlyrics update, Koi Kogarete Mita Yume almost done need to make credits for it. Diamond Crevasse in the rough sub title faze.

Subing process for Koi Kogarete Mita Yume /The dreams that I saw when I was so in love started.

Copyright Intent fair use due process

Boil it down this should make copy right better.

Intent makes it clear if a copy right item is being shared in any iteration IE links, part files, whole files, indexes anything leading to eventual whole copy right item data for any monetary gain. If its not trying to create monetary gain for the poster or site owner(s) then it can do no harm.

Fair use with extended clip definitions means to try pre court to parse out what can be done with copy righted items, this is second too intent if it passes intent then it goes no further , however if it falls intent then it moves to fair use if fails the fair use status qoe it moves to due process.

Due process seeks to make it clear if it really fails intent then fair use in that order.

Addendum: Revenue sharing is when a site shares 40% of its profit to the IP owner or their representative as compensation for the right for its to exist digitally.

Addendum:Personal licenses are owned by the buyer/consumer until its passed on to another consumer.

Addendum: Bypassing copy protection is a consumer right(up until the sever the purchased data is on).

Addendum:POSSIBLE Resell of physical licenses is limited up to 10K before 10% is shared with the IP owner or IP owner representative. This is a work in progress.

Megaupload shut down by feds, seven charged, four arrested.

Before shutdown, Megaupload ate up more corporate bandwidth than Dropbox.

Mark my words google is next!


Sopa PIPA and the great run around.

The trouble with don’t drop the sopa and pipa legislations is at the end of the day our repersentivies do not understand nor care about technology  and how it effects the public at large. They only care about how it affects industry.

There is only one way to manage IP/Copy right abuse by the masses and that is to follow the monetary flow distribution of it leaves in its wake. To do that we need to focus on whole or parts of whole copy righted items.  In other words if a part can be added up to other parts and make a whole item then it needs to be policed, and this dose mean policing links and apps.
To do that fair use needs to be expanded to define clips, which should be based on time and quality factors, then we look at the intent of the distribution is it for profit or not, if not then it cannot be touched by the powers that be.

Though Intent, fair use and due process you level the playing field, due process is an independent government funded organization that records what is copy righted and who owns what. Take downs are channeled through them and they look at whatever it is and see if it passes fair use and expanded fair use then see if the intent is freedom of expression, news or for profit then make a decision based off the facts at hand and move the incident in a pass or fail motion up to the pre trail phase if it has been found to be profiteering. Site’s outside the US are recorded and the information passed onto the CP owners at their request for a small fee.

In order to after global operations you need an organization using the same standards as the US one and these sites have the same level of due process to determine if its news, freedom of expression or profiterring.

Until something like this happens and manages to not get corrupted by the powers that be common daily software piracy will never end.


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